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Hello from the UK

Hi Guys,

I am Paul (aka Jemboy) and  live in the North West of the UK.


I am a huge 30 something year old kid at heart and love my toy era of being a kid.


I started with my first doll from a Jumble sale (like a yard sale) at the age of 3. My Mum says I carried it around for a few years.

For my early kid days I loved any kind of doll for the concious boy (not wanting to be called any name) so played with Action Man, The Lone Ranger & Star Wars Figures. 


In later years I got hooked into playing with Sindy with a few girls (and my sister) that didn't seem to mind me joning in. I started to collect them and my Grandma (who bought us gifts at the weekend) didn't bat an eyelid when I asked for a Sindy doll.

Me and my Sister collected Sindy in 82-84, Barbie 84-86 and then Jem in 86-88 (with a few Sindy's a Barbies in between) We had hundreds of them as well as all the parafinalia!


By 1989 I left school and suddenly "grew up" leaving our toys behind.

Our Mum gave all the dolls, houses, cars,pools, starstages etc to a local kids home in 1991 without us knowing (boo hoo)


In 2001 some 12 years later I looked up Jem on e-bay and won Stormer of TheMisfits for 99p, she was nude so I thought I would find her an outfit and fell back down the rabbit hole into doll-land. Now with most of my childhood collection back (Barbie, Sindy, Jem and a few others) I look for he dolls I missed back in the era. I have a personal liking for Steffie faced Barbies and the brief 1986 madeover Sindy.


Stay Outrageous,Truly Outragous!


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  • My mom was great.  She didn't send my toys away because she had that done to her as a kid and is now trying to find them all again!  


    I loved Jem!  One of my favorite cartoons.  :-)  I'm just starting to get my Jem collection going.  I've managed to get most of the Misfits and Holograms.  Now I'm working on the secondary characters...



  • Admin
    Yes I think it was still a polytechnic when I was there! ;-)
  • Admin
    Haha yes I know what you mean about remembering. I often think if I could apply the enthusiasm and knowledge that I have about dolls to work I would be chief exec by now LOL!

    Yes I know Preston well or at least Preston as it was up until 1990 or so whenI moved south and I guess it must have changed somewhat since then ;)
  • Admin
    Hi Paul,
    Thanks for your wonderful introduction! It really breaks my heart when I hear about parents giving away someone's childhood toys :(( Luckily mine were kept in the loft for years (no dolls sadly but loads of Star Wars toys!). Like you I discovered ebay as a place to recapture my childhood (or in my case the childhood I never had in the case of dolls LOL) and had a Sindy craze to begin with as she was the doll I remembered. As you say it is just like falling down the rabbit hole!

    It's great to have you on Doll Observers and I look forward to your contributions.

    Warm regards,

    P.S. Where in the North West are you? I come from Blackburn originally so know Lancashire well.
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