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    Hi DollyGirl welcome to our little corner of the web :)

    Would love to see pics of your collection!

  • Lucky you and what a kind Mum.
  • I know.  It was my mum who got mine for me & she had to go to two stores to get Leigh for me.



  • Its the first one I got too.


    Its a pain with Argos as you never know which they have in stock.I wonder if TRU will have them.I'm not sure about the rooted head.

  • I got my Leigh from Argos.  I haven't heard of the new MT's being available anywhere else yet.  Which Bijou did you get?  Mine is the first one, I love her clothes.  I would like to get the second Bijou in beach gear too sometime.
  • I am,I've read Leigh is only available from Argos,is that where you got her? I got Bijou from the US too.Shame she wasn't here as she is the best one I think.She came yesterday.
  • Hi - thanks.  Yes, I am in the UK, are you?   I would like to get Gavin but I expect he will only be available in the US, like Bijou.  I got my Bijou from an Ebay seller in the US.



  • Great pics.You've found Leigh already,are you in the UK?.I love red hair and green eyes so I'll be tempted by her.
  • Hi again - I have a couple of Action Girls and one Daisy doll, quite a few My Scenes.  I have some pics on my Flickr, I need to add some more, some of these are quite old.


    Do you have any pics?


    Di :)

  • Hi,I collect many types.I've never settled to 1.


    Vintage my fav is Action girl.I have Sindy,Tammy,Pippa,Havoc,Daisy,Disco Girls and probably some more.

    Modern I have lots of My Scene and a few Silkstones,Moxie Teenz and Liv.There are a few odd bods in both types too.Do you have any pics?

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