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    I just ordered my first JAMIEshow doll, St. Tropez Angelica! She won't be released until September but I am super psyched about her as she looks gorgeous and I love the JAMIEshow body :)


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    Hi Corrinne,

    I have studied the JAMIEshow dolls quite closely on the Angelic Dreamz webiste but have not ventured as far as a purchase! I think they look pretty cool, especially the articulation which I am a sucker for. I have added a pic for those Doll Observers who aren't familiar with these gals. Hope someone can help out!

    • Hi Patti, I just ordered the Sasha Homage and am anxiously waiting for delivery...!  I will definately post pics when she arrives.  Thanks for the info!
    • Oh wow, she's gorgeous. Make sure you post those pictures when she gets to you!! :D
    • Sasha has arrived!  She is as great as I had hoped!  The fashion is to die for too and will look great on some of my others dolls I am sure, but for now she will stay as is as she is perfect! Will post pics soon!

    • I own 8 of the JamieShow Dolls  i love love love Sasha Homage is 1 of my FAVS hope u love her 2
    • Simon, have you seen the new Idex Sasha doll ?  It's the newest of the Jamieshow dolls and I am in love!  I haven't been this excited about a doll since I can remember!  I want her I want her I want her...can you hear me stamping my foot?  She is costly but I am trying to sell some items to get enought money to buy her....I hope she is as lovely as her pics...George takes amazing pictures but I am always scared when you can't see a doll in person...I have ordered dolls from promo-pics and been disspapointed and at time not wanted a doll at all, and then saw it in person and it was like WOW!  What do you think of her? 
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      Oh my goodness she is stunning! (stands back with jaw hitting the floor!) I love the face-up and her look. I can completely understand you wanting to get your hands on her!!

      Sasha's face is a lot less stylised than the other dolls which I like and the new bodies are fantastic!

    • Hi Simon, yes I have looked at their lovely photos! The dressed dolls are amazing for sure! Hopefully someone who owns one of these ladies (they have some guys too) will be able to give me some feedback...I wanted one with removable eyes but I think they may be fazing this out as you can't seem to order them that way anymore. I like the idea of being able to change their look in different ways, like wigs....
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