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  • Isabel: Ah, yes, Titanic. Talk about a wardrobe to die for!

    Dom: I MUST put this in my Netflix Queue!

  • Admin

    I just watched "Nancy goes to Rio (1950

    ) what a lovely film and such nice c

    ostumes from Helen Rose

     what a nice moment and such a talented designer 

  • Hi Mary Beth, That's a difficult question, but I think Titanic's wardrobe is soooooooo romantic and elegant!! 

  • Babs: I never thought about it, but you're right! Just LOOK at that wedding gown! And then there's all of that (gasp) FRINGE!

  • Dom:OooooOOOH , I must have the green dress! And gotta love all of those queenly Elizabethan collars!

  • It Happened One Night with Claudette Colbert and Clarke Cable. I just loved her classy look.

  • Admin

    oh my what a wonderful question!!!

    all the wardrobe designed by Eiko Ishioka for MIRROR MIRROR for Julia Robert would be my preference

    but close behind would be the costume made for  Shakespeare in Love were designed by  sandy Powell


    and the queen Margo (1994 with Isabelle Adjani

    but as well so many more I love to watch the costumes in the movies as much a the movie itself

  • Ooooh, gotta love that garnet dress!

  • A tough one, someone like Rose on Titanic, I think.

  • I would have to say definitely Moulin RougeNow that's what I call Neck Lace!

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