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New Member checking in!

Hi!  I'm Barbara E.  I have been a doll collector for ten years.   I played with Barbie as a little girl in the eighties, and back then the Dream Glo line was my favorite.

As an adult collector, I started back collecting the BMR line and Silkstone Barbies, but then once Fashion Royalty entered the scene, that was it for me.  I do buy the occasional Barbie though, like their new Fashion Model line.

I also buy action figures from makers like HotToys, ZCWorld, and DiD.  I like action figures because they make really good very nice casual clothing for the guys.

I cruise ebay ALL THE TIME for stuff for my collection.  That's where I get most of my furniture and some OOAK pieces.  I have my favorites like Matisse, LaBoutique, LittleDreams, and Vanes.

I have been to most of the FR conventions, though I missed the last one.  I hope to make it to Orlando this year.

As for the other doll boards, I mostly post at DollDivas, though I do visit the W Club forum and Pink Parlor sometimes.

If you got any questions, just ask!


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  • then it is from Doll Divas -lol


  • Hey Nilsa:

    I thought we were fellow Divas.  I haven't been to In the Pink much because I am not that big on Barbie.


  • Barbara, I think it is from Doll Divas that we know each other. I go there frequently and also I go to In The Pink.

    As far as I know I'm the only Nilsa around those boards.

    Nice to be here with you too -


  • Welcome Barbara!  This is a fabulous forum and there are tons of groups out there!


  • Welcome

  • Lol, think I need more room at home!

  • Kate you need to stop collecting the pictures and start collecting the actual figures.  It's worth it.  Trust me.

    -- B

    Kate Fosk said:

    I've been collecting photos of some of the hot toys guys as they have such characterful faces & the clothes and details look amazing.

    Welcome Barbara!

  • I've been collecting photos of some of the hot toys guys as they have such characterful faces & the clothes and details look amazing.

    Welcome Barbara!

  • HI Anne!  HI Nilsa!

    I know I know you Nilsa...I think I have bought from or sold to you before.  Anne, it is nice meeting you for the first time.


    Nilsa M. Donelan said:

    Hi Barbara. I'm Nilsa.

    I'm new here too!

  • Hi Barbara. I'm Nilsa.

    I'm new here too!

This reply was deleted.

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