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Rebody Methods

Are there other re-body methods besides having to use heat, such as a blow dryer etc? i know of the "push and pull up" way for a Bratz doll, but i'm guessing that method wouldn't work for Barbie? because the new barbie bodies have really long neck pegs. what's the easiest way to there any super easy ways? is using the blow dryer pretty much the only method that would work?

I've numerous things on line about re-bodies and i'm wonder the best way to do this, i think i've become so overwhelmed with all the different tutorials on how to do it that i'm just not sure now. any help, tips or other methods that i've not heard about would be very much appreciated.

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  • I use the blow dryer method... but first I wrap the doll's hair in a wash cloth to protect it from the heat.  I use a high setting, hold the dryer about 5 inches from the back of the doll's head or under her chin.  I test how squishy the head becomes and when it's very soft I gently pull the head off the neck... I've also learned to hold on the neck, kind of applying pressure and giving it more stability... helps prevent the side seams from splitting.  Good luck! 

  • Hello Amber!  I just stumbled across this question you had about removing doll heads.  I've always used hot water.  I just put the neck joint/head base under the stream of hot running water from the tap.  Wasteful, yes.  If I'm careful I can avoid getting the doll's hair wet.  I do undress them though.  It's really the head vinyl you want to soften.

    Beware the blowdryer method.  I tried it and scorched a doll hair.  I can't recall what setting I was using the blowdryer on. 

    I have also used a beanbag that you warm in the microwave.  I wrapped it around the neck of the doll and it conformed really well.  I guess this would be similar to the heating pad method.  I used the bean bag method to put a Bratz head on a Liv body just the other day.  Looks OK/good.  I want to try a Fashionista body with a Bratz head too.  Good luck and have fun making "Franken-dollies"  LOL!

    • hello!  -  I use the hot water method also  -  but I heat the water in a mug or bowl, and then dunk the doll upside-down, head-first into the water for a few minutes until the vinyl softens enough to remove the head  -  if I do not want to wet the head (hair), I place it in a sturdy air-tight water-tight plastic bag and then submerge the whole thing in the hot water  -  water should be hot, but not boiling, otherwise the head/hair/shoulders/arms could be damaged; hair, head, limbs, torso are each made of 4 different plastics, thus having their own physical properties regarding damage/melting/discoloring factors.

  • You could use a small heating pad.
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