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  • I love Tori Amos!

    I`d like a Tori doll with the outfit of raspberry swirl, and a Bon Jovi with Blaze of Glory outfit! But a Ziggy would be great too!
    • I am just beginning to do custom paints, and Tori is on my list, but she is so... unique, and her features are so subtle, that I am waiting to get more practice in first. The next few celebrity doll I am going to do are Devon Aoki, Shirley Manson, and Amy Lee.
    • *w* yes, Tori is soooooo Tori!
      I`ll love your doll! I`ve seen a Tori doll from an artist that used a Vitamin C doll. It wasn´t similar but Vitamin C is so sweet doll...
  • Definetly a Tina Turner doll in her Mad Max outfit.
  • Admin
    Hmm good question. Let me see... Kate Bush wearing her 70's era leotard look and David Bowie as Ziggy!
  • Mine would be Tori Amos from the "Little Earthquakes" cover, or wearing the blue velvet jumpsuit. And Eddie Vedder wearing.... anything, really.
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