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Happy day to you! I hope you are all doing well as I just thought I would pop in to send you my updated sale listing. I don't know if there is anything of interest on the list but I thought I would send it to you anyway to at least look!! Pictures are available upon request.ALL PRICES INCLUDE US SHIPPING AND HANDLING - AIRMAIL SHIPPINGADDITIONAL:VARIOUS DOLLS/CLOTHES listed below:1. I have some Tammy/Family Dolls & Clones, cases (Pepper & Tammy), accessories and clothes available also just ask.2. Dawn Dolls & Clones are available if you are looking for a particular one just ask both vintage and some repros by Checkerboard who is now out of business. Also, there is Rockflowers available dressed in original Rockflower fashions and some Rockflower Clothes.3. There is a Blonde Hair Tiny Teen w/nice hair and lashes wearing her original brown plaid pants suit & hat really cute!!! And, also there is a Red Head Tiny Teen w/nice lashes wearing herblack rain slicker and scarf but the tip of hair on the one side is slightly trimmed. And, a Blonde sorta curly haired tiny Teen wearing a gold/blue trimmed dress but the blue trim has bled on thedress.Blonde Tiny Teen Doll (Pants Suit): $29.00Red Head Tiny Teen Doll: $26.00Curly Like Blonde Tiny Teen (Dress): $23.004. There are some lovely Rooted Hair Dolly Darlings available in their original outfits as well.5. I have lots of original Barbie Rocker Doll Clothes and some dolls available too.Also, have the Vintage/Mod Skipper, Registered Nurse Outfit not complete, Red Vintage Doll Case, and loose Original Wicker Furniture for Barbie.6. I have some Suzie Cute Furniture available such as the: Changing Table only, if interested lmk.7. I have some Vintage/Mod Barbie/Clones, and Ken/Clones, Skipper Clones and Modern Kelly Clone Dolls available just ask.8. In addition, I have German Petra, Peggy, and Fred Dolls from the 60s as this was Germany's version of the Barbie, Skipper, Francie, and Ken Dolls w/a very German look about them for this line.9. Also, there is an adorable mint/unused Dawn, and MLP (My Little Pony) Mouse pads for your computer to keep that little mouse moving along and happy w/great graphics!!MLP Mouse Pad: $26.00Dawn Mouse Pad: $26.0010. I have a lovely AC Tressy Doll Blonde w/thick hair in her original red shift dress. I do have other Tressy and Mary Make-up dolls both AC and foreign available just ask.AC Tressy Doll: $46.0011. In addition, I have a nude Tiffany Taylor Doll in nice condition w/pretty hair and fine make-up and lashes. Also, if interested I have some very pretty Tiffany Taylor/Crissy Clone Clothes available just ask.Nude Tiffany Taylor Doll: $32.0012. There is a lovely Dana Rocker Barbie Doll in great condition wearing her original outfit only.Dana Rocker Barbie Doll: $31.0013. Also, there is the Hasbro Storykins Cinderella & Goldilocks w/Bear and Chair in nice condition.Hasbro Storykin Cinderella: $24.00Hasbro Goldilocks W/Bear & Chair: $29.0014. I have some lovely NRFB “Happy to Be Me” Dolls and Outfits . This line, by High Self Esteem Toys, is the original version from 1991. These dolls claimed to represent the proportions of a "real teen-age girl's" physique.15. Also, I have a Posin' (Baggie) Mod Skipper doll in nice condition also w/great make-up, missing ribbons, and wearing her original outfit w/a small toe nip on one foot.Posin' (Baggie) Mod Skipper Doll: $40.0016. In addition, I have a 12 inch Fashion Dollikin dressed in her blue jumpsuit in great condition w/light reddish hair w/blonde streaks through it. She is truly pretty!Dollikin: $46.0017. I have some really awesome NRFP Barbie Projector Nightlights available for sale. The Nightlight projects the "Barbie" Logo on the wall, has a sillouette of PT Barbie's head, provides a solf glow in the night, light sensor automatically switches light on and off, light bulb included, and direct plug in.NRFP Barbie Projector Nightlight: $27.00 each18. Finally, I have at times the following dolls available: Generic Fashion Dolls, Brooke Shields, Dusty, Darci, Takara Jenny, Bella Tressy (France), Littlechap, Celebrity, Jem, Penny Brite & Clones, World of Love, Disco Girls (Britain's Version of the World of Love Dolls) and clothes, also Glamour Gals , Dazzles, Jem, Spectra, Small and Large Sailor Moon, some Maddie Mod, Pee Wees, Ideal Jody Doll & General Store-Parlor Items, Holly Hobby Rag Dolls, Raggedy Anne & Andy Items, Revlon/Jill Clone Doll Clothes, and Maxie from the 80s, NRFB Creata Lace Doll and NRFP Creata Fantasy n' Fur Outfit from the 80s also and Sindy dolls/clothes available on separate lists or individual items and finally Raggedy Ann & Andy Items as well. Also, have a Sindy’s bed, bathroom sink and shower. In addition, have a Gene Doll and some outfits available for sale also. If you are looking for a certain fashion doll, just ask as I may have it on hand.You can lmk if anything of interest catches your eye to purchase. Or, lmk what you are looking for and I may just have it possibly!! Also purchase 2 or more items and I will give you another discount off the total price even further. I accept as payment a check or money order for US transactions. International payment will be discussed at the time. I can also work w/you on a layaway as well!!! Please e-mail directly: chang @ and please remember to remove the spaces.Thanks and have a nice one!! Take care always!Donna B.

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