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  What are your plans for your collection. Will you leave your collection to a family member or donate it to a museum ? I have thought of this often. I dont have any immediate family to leave it to( I have some who beg for the dolls but would not take care of them), my son does not care for dolls.I remember going to a doll show and seeing an elderly man about 70ish with his grown son trying to sell off the remains of his wifes collection after her death. I think he made alot of money that weekend(people felt sorry for him). The dolls where in bad shape (because they didnt know what to do with them to keep them in good shape) Anyway..just something to ponder. Maybe my son will bless me with grandkids lol if not  I will maybe give him the blessing to sell it if  he really needs the money(laugh)

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  • I suppose I cannot stuff them in the casket with me? Kidding ... the casket wouldn't close. Besides, it would be cruel to take them out of the world altogether. I suppose I will leave them to a museum or library. My family has no interest in them. Sigh.

  • I have thought of this very often even though I am a young 45. My niece loves dolls, but she is not good at taking care of them. I bought her several expensive dolls and found them crumpled on her floor and at the time she was 12 and should have known better. My daughter has no interest in dolls at all! I have a few Antique dolls that are actually worth money-and I have thought I might donate the whole doll collection to a local historical society to be displayed for other people to enjoy. I hate the thought of someone in the future just selling them off at tag sales! Some of my dolls I have named! Good thing to think about now, good question!

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