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A place to tell the community about your very latest doll. Pics would be welcome too so we can get a 'proper' look at your little treasures :)

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  • The Halle Berry Barbie in my December TOTM submission was one Christmas doll. Here is the other. He is an FR Homme "Back to Brooklyn Remi" doll. All the other dolls have fallen in love......

  • My latest fashion doll was my Christmas doll, another Mary Magpie.  I fell in love with these dolls after my first one, mini Mary and my next, ball jointed Mary.  This time I ordered Year of the Dragon Mary with the standard joints.  She is unique as each doll is printed on a 3D printer, hand painted by the artist Joey Versaw (he sells on Ebay and etsy) and they have such a wonderful "vintage" look.  Here she is in the lovely cocktail dress she came in.

    She came with three hard plastic wigs, also printed on a 3D printer in my choice of color.

    With my ball jointed Mary.

    Mary wears Barbie vintage replica outfits very well.

    My three Mary Magpies in holiday outfits by me.  Mini Mary (Dawn size) and the other two.

    Ball jointed Mary in her pink wig.

    And Year of the Dragon Mary in Barbie Red Flare


    • There is only one articulated, ball jointed, Mary Magpie.  The others are the standard Barbie type body only jointed at hips, shoulders and neck.  You can see the differences on the Etsy site (search Mary Magpie on Etsy.

    • Thanks Valerie, I will.

       I Am only curious because I am totally obsess with my 16':)

    • She is standard Barbie size so she can wear all the vintage and newer replica Barbie outfits.  The outfits in my pictures are the replica Barbie outfits from the replica dolls.  She is fun to sew for as you can use all the Barbie patterns.

    • thanks Valerie I am discovering this doll really , I even did not know she had articulations hee hee

      so much thanks for sharing

    • very nice Valery.

      I never saw this doll in real either. would you tell me if she is barbie same measurements?  is she wearing barbie's outfit like this "silken flame" or it is a repro you made for her

    • Very nice! I've never seen these dolls before now, thanks for sharing them.

    • How original!

  • my latest is a coquette cissette doll well actually 3 but here they are 

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