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A place to tell the community about your very latest doll. Pics would be welcome too so we can get a 'proper' look at your little treasures :)

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  • I almost forgot to post my latest. I got a lovely resin Sybarite Raja from a seller in the UK. She is one of the old style resin Sybarites and is a beautiful tan colour.  

  • Lovely exotic looking girl Tillie. Those colors look great on her too.

    • Thank you!  Wish I had designed her... but I'll take credit for picking her out of the bunch!

  • I bought a new doll -- she just wowed me!  She's the new release Madam LaVinia from the Harlem Theatre Barbie collection... here's the marketing about her...

    Gold Label®

    Designer: Carlyle Nuera

    Release Date: 9/30/2016

    Embodying the unbridled style of the Harlem Renaissance, the second member in the Harlem Theatre™ Collection presides over one of the hottest nightclubs of the 1920s. This music maven features a new posable curvy body and many lavish details!

    • Body Type:New, Collector Curvy
    • Facial sculpt:New, LaVinia sculpt
    • Fashion Sewn On: No
    • Oh, my she's stunning up close and personal... very pretty face and her body is so well sculpted but... the articulation is a bit stiff and the joints are not designed for her to do much moving...  and, I had one of those "why didn't I think of it" moments... they used double sided tape to keep things like her stocking up and the dress flat against her chest... clever! The shoes are more yellow than gold -- will fix that -- the bow in front was too long so I trimmed it, her ring doesn't not have a colored stone like the picture -- will fix that -- clever simple dress design -- will have to copy and make more!  The cane/staff is useless and she can't hold on to it and it's not very attractive, in my mind... it may go to the wayside.  I'm happy... she's wonderful!  

    • Admin

      love you review! articulation is a must for players but stiffness is maybe better for presentation girl ? she can hold the pose longer hee hee

      double tap is not a bad idea never thought of this for the inside of a dress  but I do this often for the shoes that my girls have strong tendency to loose

      waiting for some more pic of your lovely lady after she had settle down

    • They are both beautiful Viktor. They look to be having a wonderful time too :) 

    •  - these girls are the first 2 dolls to occupy my "Harlem 1920's" display - I have since added others, but I am especially excited to add Madame LaVinia too! I am sure that this character is inspired by Ada (Bricktop) Smith, an American jazz singer who owned & operated her own nightclubs in Paris during the 1920's.

    • *CORRECTION* - I stand corrected! - I had completely forgotten about A'Lelia Walker - although she did not run a nightclub speakeasy, she was the heiress to her mother's million dollar business enterprises - her Harlem townhouse was called the "Dark Tower" from which she hosted concerts of both jazz & classical music, art & culture salons, and famously fabulous parties - she provided a racially integrated place where black & white people could socialize together (even NYC was segregated then) - she commingled comfortably with all levels of social & cultural sets - her mother was "Madame" C.J. Walker, the renowned entrepreneur & creator of cosmetics & skin care & hair care products especially formulated for black women, and she employed hundreds of black women throughout the entire country at a time when there were few opportunities - one of her sisters was named "Louvinia" - so it seems that this doll called "Madame LaVinia" is a tribute to this Harlem doyenne A'Lelia Walker, rather than Bricktop, or perhaps an amalgam of the two...

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