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  • hi guys 

     I got this young lady hidden in a box

    is she a Skipper? 

    the outfit look "mattel"type  but there is no label and without any name or info I cannot find it on the web :(

    it is in red cotton with tiny printed  flowers. the collar is in white plastic she is in really bad shape I would appreciate any information thank you

  • thank you Alison Rasmussen . following your "Steffie tip" I found this "busy Steffie" dress long time ago in a vallue-village barbie cloth bag. (I had to make new strap as the original were cut/missing. but she seems happy about it ).and now she can keep on with her busy life. at least she isn't walking naked anymore.

    thank you for your help.

  • thanks Allison Karavite I do love her clean face as well , fresh with light makeup.

  • Hi Lily,
    You haveMattel's Steffie face sculpt, here. She is actually Mattel's longest running face sculpt (from 1972) and is still in use today. She looks to me like either a Canadian, Australian, or European exclusive doll--if she has a hollow body, she wasn't produced for the US market. These were on the shelves from about 1976 through 1980, and I can't tell from her lower eyelashes if she's a later edition. (Those sometimes have black lower lashes.) Thinly rooted hair is part of their original condition, so she looks pretty good, except for faded lips. Very lovely! She's be called a Standard Barbie in some markets, exclusive to her production location, using the Steffie sculpt. :)
  • Lilly, that is a Barbie- the face mold was used briefly in the mid to late 70's I think.  Not worth a lot, but I love the clean and natural look of those dolls.

  • Hello everybody.

    looking for some clothes in my "forever forgotten" box I found this doll.

    size is Barbie

    this is what is written on her back

    she has nothing written on the back oh her head

    this is her face, I find her sweet and gentle looking (but she does not look like a Barbie)

    excepted for the hair she isn't in a bad condition, no chewing, no stain nothing broken.

    does anybody know who she is?

    maybe just a clone/copy?I need all your help

    I still like her even if she is a copy :) and maybe will try to reroot her then dress har as a proper outfit corresponding to whom she was suppose to be

    any information will be very appreciated


    dolly Cheers 

  • Anyone recognise this 6 inch doll?  She's marked 'Empire Toys China'

  • No worries at all TT. Any issues just let me know and I will try my best to help.
  • Sorry I got there before you. Apologies if I am over moderating :)
  • They're back, I can see them!

    I'll post a topic about my dolly.

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