I did it -- my first Monster High repaint!


I did it and I'm pretty happy overall.  I learned a lot and now I'm ready to truly try my hand at repainting... this first one really is a huge learning curve.  There's so many things I will do differently the next time and... well... the next time is the real test.  Can I duplicate this or was it beginners luck?  I need a few supplies; can't believe I don't have any white acrylic paint!  I had to use a cream color for the white...  this was great fun, a little nerve wrecking and from start to finish took me about 3 hours.  I really tried to take my time and to pause and think about what I wanted to do next... a couple times I went to the computer and watched a repaint video because I was unsure of myself. 

The pictures include the before and after and my sketch for the repaint before I started...  next is sewing some clothes for this doll and thinking about the other one I have to paint.

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    • Thank you. 

  • Lovely repaint Tilly! It reminds me a little bit of an artist called Retrograde Works, have you seen their repaints? I'd love to find a really cheap Howleen Wolf to try a reroot on her, but I still haven't found the courage to try a repaint. I'm dying to see that Cleo repainted.

    • Thank you so much!  No, I don't recognize the name... I'll have to look the artist up.  I got this doll on ebay for $5.00 nude, is that a lot?  Her hair is in really good shape but I'm thinking of putting a wig on her.  See, now I'm intimidated to try a reroot... hahahahahaha. 

      Honestly, if I can do a repaint... you can.  I didn't find it that hard but definitely time consuming, a steady hand and having the right tools is key.  I had to wear those magnifying googles and hold the doll 4" from my face!  Got dizzy if I looked away!

    • No, it's not that much, specially if you can sew her new clothes. I prefer to wait until I find a doll for just 10 euros at a toy store, with all the clothes and accesories. This is the same Howleen doll you repainted, but repainted by retrograde works.

      Personally, I wouldn't reroot that Howleen, because she's the only Howleen with orange hair. In fact, I want to get a pink haired Howleen and give her orange hair, but longer than this one. 

      I don't do repaints mostly because I want it to look like a factory doll rather like an artistic version, and I don't feel like I can do it, unless I paint on top of the factory paint. I'd love to find the courage to try a repaint, mostly because I have a lot of OCs ideas. I think I'll try a reroot first....

    • I understand completely... I have to tell you I'm having a lot of fun with this repainting and I certainly thought it was way over my head!  I did another one today and I'll post pictures later.  I wish you lived close to me, I'd invite you over to give it a try! 

      And, you're so right about changing their looks, I'm trying to create something else -- a pretty little girl and not a monster high doll... you're keeping the integrity of the doll line, I admire that...  :)

    • Yes, I want to get a new character or a new version of an existing character. Some of my custom ideas involve rebody, body spray paint and face repaint of the doll and I don't feel like doing it yet. I prefer to try changing existing characters. This is the first doll I want to try a reroot with. I'm also planing on getting a 5 doll pack that comes with 2 dolls I don't like, so I'll probably also try a reroot on them.

    • Btw, forgive me, I certainly don't mean to sound disrespectful to artists by saying I didn't find the task hard... one thing I'm not good at and will always have to depend on is someone else's ideas for concept, composition, color/pattern and such... I can come close by copying but I'm not the kind that can create... my hat is off to the artists out there that do repaints.  I'm not an artist I'm a crafter/dabbler!

    • Admin

      and a very talented crafter /dabbler indeed1 the world needs those as well hee hee 

      does the eyes and lips glossy? what have you used ? or is it only the white dots effects/

       showed your dolls to hubby who was very impressed  and he got several opportunities to see me trying hee hee

    • Yes, the lips and eyes are glossed with an acrylic gloss after they are sealed with a varnish, Mr. Super Clean... I'm using non-oil based watercolor pencils, chalk pastels and acrylic paint.  I start with the same varnish to the naked face before I start and use mostly the pencils... I only have a few colors and hope to get more.  It's great fun, I'm really enjoying it.  

      You know what helps the most... the magnifying googles and keeping my pencils very sharp and pointy!  I couldn't do this with the naked eye...  

    • Admin

      i got the magnifying Google already. yeah!!

      when you say watercolor pencils do you mean those pencils that color and after one wet them to give this water color impression? I got those

      got the acrylic

       got the chalk pastel

       do not have the varnish though...

       but I misplaced the talent  hee hee

      We have, in our little spanish village, plenty of houses for sale ,if you feel like changing your environment I will be glad to help :)


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