Who can resist the lure of the sand and the sea? Certainly not our dolls! Let's see what fun and fashion you can come up with for a fashion doll 'Beach Vacation'!

Still 3 winners but no prizes from now on :(

The 'rules' of the theme photo competition are very simple:

  1. Your photo must contain a doll or dolls
  2. The photo must be taken recently and specifically for the challenge
  3. Make sure the photo relates to the spirit of the relevant month's theme
  4. Members should enter one photo only per theme (although you are free to add more but please highlight which particular photo you would like to go forward into the competition).
  5. Give your photo a title, whether it be witty or cutting edge cool!
  6. Post your picture in the Theme Photo thread in the discussion forum below
  7. Make sure to have as much fun as possible!

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    • thanks Ayofemi.

      It still need more work but I ran out of energy.

    • Forgot, the title is "Greetings from Malibu"

  • Admin

    My entry for july theme : "Olga of the jungle"So happy to have a new articulated body (thanks to my delicious friend Tilly) Olga jump in the first plan to Punta Cana (Dominican rep.)

    indeed this is a Photoshop picture , but the background is  Punta Cana (one of my sister trip pic) and the vine is a freshly cut weed from my terrace flower pot. 

    the bathing suit is home made

    I am so happy I could find time to make this challeng in time

    love to all

    • Nice photo, Dom. It really swings!!! Luv, Luv, Luv the bikini !!!
    • It is beautiful Dom :)

    • Admin

      thanks Nilsa dear .hugg

    • I love her bikini!! Great photo, as usual, Lilly!!

    • Admin

      I would love to wear one like this...but my body refuses hi hi h i

    • I love it. That was a great idea.

    • Admin

      Thanks Ayofemi, if I can find a vine strong enough, I 'll try this on my terrace hi hi  

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