• I agree that the "Asian" Barbie dolls look rather Slavic. I am also using one (the Asian-American "Lea for President") for my Persian princess because she was the most Persian looking I could find.

    I love the red boots with the Russian costumes. They remind me of a story book my mom read to me about a Hungarian city girl who went to visit her uncle's farm and got dressed up for Easter.

  • Это правда, мы любим красное!

  • Admin

    Thanks V

  • Victor, Your dolls are so beautiful, and I love the richness of the costumes.  You are right when you say Mattel does not create correct ethnic faces for it's dolls or diversity of faces.

    They all look the same.  Other companies are doing better representations but still do not create the Slavic features that I would like to see. 

    Keep up the great work  and look forward to seeing more of your work.


  • Your photo is so much fun, Viktor. And the whole explanation about the color red is interesting as well. Like Siki, I love the girl on the swing and the whole circus environment. Your observation about the esthetics of the Russian Barbies is most interesting. I still can't figure out why French Barbie still wears a beret or Mexican Barbie carries a Chihuahua, or why Dutch Barbie, clad in an apron and clogs, wears her hair in braids. Sometime the folks at Mattel don't travel much.

  • Amazing photos! I'm particularly taken with the girl in the black hat and the girl on the swing :) I'd be interested to know the significance of each costume.

  • Your girls are wonderful, so beautiful and playful!!!!

    Thanks for sharing Victor!

  • Your display is awesome!

    Your dolls are so festive!!

    Thanks for sharing them!!
  • hello?  I am not sure I am doing this properly  -  I apologize for any goofs, gaffs, or snafus

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