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  • Gigi is soo cute!
    • Thanks! At the beggining I didn't like her because of her hair, but she's got such a sweet face and her ponytail can always be restyled
    • Exactly, that was the main reason that I also didn't like Gigi at first..was her hair style. But then I saw people taking out part of her ponytail only having her in a single pony, Or even with her hair totally down. After seeing pictures like her of that I was like "Sold!" she's such a cutie after you look past her hair style.
    • I decided to buy her because I found a store that had all the 13 Wishes dolls for just 10 euros, and as I already had a Twyla and didn't like the others, I got Gigi. She's very cute, but if you get her, be sure to examine the doll properly, she's been made in Indonesia and there are lots of Gigis with wonky eyes
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