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  • Love her Isabel!
    • Thanks David. I really had fun repainting her. She has a lovely skin tone
    • She's gorgeous!
  • Groups Admin
    Oh my, Isabel, she is GORGEOUS!! Is she a Janay? Her eyes are so beguiling. You are well on your way to becoming a repaint Master/Mistress. :) Ever repainted a Sybarite before? *winks*
    • Hehehe!! Thanks Deb. Yes, she's a Janay's head I bought about a year ago, but there were not bodies available for her skin tone, so I had to dye a Dynamite girl's body in order to match the head, too. A Sybarite?!! hehehe, I had never even seen one personally, but who knows maybe soon... I still have to study, practice and ruin some other cheap heads before even tempting to touch one of those incredible dolls.
    • Groups Admin
      You dyed her new body?! WOW! If you hadn't told me, I would never have known that she was a Franken-dolly. You got her skin tone just perfect. I have an Avantguard I could use some advice on, Isabel. Livewire's hands and feet discolor over time, and turn a greenish color. What kind of dye did you use for your DG body? Evidently it's not just my Livewire (aka Coco) either, because any Livewire I've ever seen has the same problem. It looks yucky. :C
    • I used a mix of "Liquitex" mate varnish with some "Liquitex" Acrylic paint. The body was already black so to give her that cinnamon, reddish color I added just a bit of brown, and red. It has to be a veeeeery thin solution, Use a soft brush, wipe off the excess on some tissue paper to leave it almost dry and start brushing the parts you want to dye. You may not notice anything at first, but when it starts drying you'll see the difference. Use as many thin coats required to match the color or add the color you think might help you get it right. I did the same thing on Kyori's hands and arms (the one on the Orient TOTM) beacuse her arms had also become yellowish. I used some pink and white. Hope it helps.
    • Wow... I had no idea there were so many things you could do to dolls... never heard of Liquitex but then I've never repainted, is it a product made for vinyl dolls? I'll have to google this and learn more... I'm amazed and in awe... how did you learn/know to do this? Did you discover this ...through experimenting, by accident or did you someone tell you about it? Very interesting! Thank you, Isabel!!
    • Hehehe!! Thanks Tilly, well, you know that necessity makes wonders on your creativity. Being Fashion Royalty sooooo rare in my country and watching some of their bodies discolour that way made me try to fix them so I tried many options (I had nothing to lose, though; bodies were already ruined) This is the one that has worked the best for me. Nevertheless, some vynil or plastic seems to peel or paint tends to crack a bit. But it's worth trying, as I said, you have nothing to lose, right?
    • You are so clever... brilliant effort and results... and I she looks wonderful!
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