2010 Fall/Holiday Tonner collection goes live

In yet more Tonner news; it was announced yesterday that the very latest 2010 Fall/Holiday collection had gone live on the Tonner Doll site.

Screenshot of Judy Garland from the trailer fo...

Scarecrow is a chick ...oh my!

Quite a mixed bunch at first glance with variations on several ongoing themes such as shrunken a Harry Potter and female variations of the Wizard of Oz trio of male characters. Interesting to some I’m sure but not really floating my boat. Some of the

Some progress on the proper fashion doll front though, if a little meagre. But nice to see some action in the Tyler camp with be-wigged basic dolls and a denim theme boutique collection. Oh and a few Antoinette gals too.

Tonner – Doctor Who??

Tonner spent many a moon getting final clearance from the BBC for their Dr Who and Torchwood dolls. In the meantime there has been a new Doctor and his companions have have come and gone a fair few times since Martha Jones travelled through time and space with our favourite Time Lord! And now the dolls are finally revealed I am far from convinced by the sculpts… Maybe it is time for Tonner to give more attention to the woefully neglected Tyler Wentworth range instead of chasing any opportunity that comes to mind. After all do that many toy/doll collectors outside of the UK even know who these characters are?

Take a look at the Tonner Dr Who page & the Tonner Torchwood page and judge for yorself…